Services and Prices

Domain registration and web hosting

Although we no longer design websites, we are delighted to provide domain registration and web hosting to new and existing clients alike, with our usual high standard of friendly personal service.

We can save you the hassle of registering your domain name (the main address of your site, for example and making your pages visible on the web.

Our price of £110 per year includes

  • one .com or .org domain name registration
  • one or domain name registration
  • web hosting
  • up to 6 email addresses that forward emails on to your existing mailbox
  • regular backups
  • reminders of imminent expiry dates (and even well-known brands have forgotten to renew domains - with embarrassing consequences)!

When you're with Polar Web Development, there are no passwords for you to remember and you won't need any technical knowledge. We'll sort it all out for you.


If your website was designed by Polar Web Development, we are happy to provide maintenance services. You can choose to keep your site up to date in two ways.

  • on an occasional basis: the cost will depend on how long it takes us to do the work
  • on a regular basis: for a fixed annual cost, we will do up to one hour's work per month on your site (and any further work will be charged at the hourly rate).

If your site is in its first year since launch, then the rates for updates are as per the proposal document that you received for your site. Rates are reviewed on an annual basis thereafter. Please contact us for details.

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